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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"However the desire and motivation to move things forward is not shared equally across different groups. No benefits (not even bare minimum), Zero growth, no chances of promotion, no raise, no stocks, no sign-up bonus - pretty much nothing compared to anything other company in Bay Area."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Internal Process and Standards are not Matured. not a result oriented company. leadership is not clear of their resource requirements and hiring needs. too many confusing titles and it directly affects the job functions and performance of the new hires."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Products - the software has a lot of bugs and the upgrades, patches and hot fixes frequently do not fix the problem they were supposed to fix. I am convinced the company sends software to customers that hasn't even been tested. Portfolio consists of legacy products and new products that are 2nd tier and not competitive. Customer Support - Borders on poor to awful. Flawed products combined with under an under staffed support team creates a miserable customer experience. Marketing - Just doesn't get it. The messaging is very techno speak and very focused on Axway as opposed to value to the customer. Axway is very cheap and just won't spend money on Marketing. Also, Marketing and Sales are at odds as they point the finger at one another for declining sales. Sales - consistently comes in well below quota. The sales organization seems to be a very difficult place to work as very few reps make quota, the morale is very poor and it is difficult to get candidates to fill open positions."

Current Employee - Senior Director says

"Unfair compensation: believe it or not, they offer no equity to employees even though they are a public company. they also are not competitive in salary or total comp (worldwide problem). Company culture: is way too political with unnecessary infighting."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything is bad at this company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Let me start by saying this: my company was acquired by Axway, and they completely ruined everything we had going. What I am about to write may come off as a tad bias, but I will have explanations for them. So read at your own pleasure. First off they are French company, and anyone who's anyone should know by now French companies are a joke. Think about it, how many major French companies are you aware of? (And no Louis Vuitton is not a French company, they are French brand owned by an Italian company). Being that they are French they have so much beauracracy for being such a small company. Everything here has red tape and takes to long to get done. One thing they don't seem to understand as a "tech company" is; that it's not the biggest brand that wins anymore, it's usually the fastest company that wins today. They move like a turtle when the rest of the tech industry moves like lightning. The funny thing about this company is they know they need to modernize and they badly want too by moving to a SaaS model company. Except the major mistake they made was acquiring two true SaaS companies and breaking all the teams apart. One of the major selling points of SaaS companies is they build cohesion within, and everyone is on the same team. Axway doesn't understand this, they went and broke apart my company almost immediately. Which broke apart: Sales processes, Marketing campaigns & strategies, product updates, engineering updates, support structure. Which means everything went to crap. It became increasingly hostile to do our day to day jobs here. Every day was something different; either we couldn't go to other teams to ask questions for help, or we could but on a conditional basis, or they changed the compensation structure for a team, therefore, forcing that team to only focus on a singular goal rather than the company goal. Not sure that makes sense but in short it became very hard to works as a team, because there was fear you were stepping on someone's toes. Instead of leadership stepping up and asking us how they could be better, they simply mandated what was going to happen without asking the employees whether that was going to work. Here's the thing, Axway sells boring (but needed) legacy software. So they don't have perspective on what current tech trends are. This no fault of theirs, this is just how things worked out for them as a business. They don't build products, they acquire them. They have successfully acquired a few businesses, but there's really only two true businesses that can bring them forward into the future: Syncplicity and Appcelerator. I obviously came from one of these, and I can tell you they are doing a poor job managing either product. It will only be a matter of time before each of these brands fall into oblivion. Syncplicity is going to be muscled out because Axway has no idea how to market them. Appcelerator will be muscled out because they don't have a large market presence anymore, and Axway is doing nothing but putting roadblocks in their development cycles. If you're born after 1980 and you're looking to get into a tech company don't bother coming here. Most of the people I've met here are what I would call legacy employees (meaning they have been here for over 8 years). Which means in the tech industry they are dinosaurs. I, unfortunately, cannot recommend anyone coming here unless they like: French companies, lots of red tape (meaning endless cycles of nothing), and they are looking to retire."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The rest. Bad management, poor focus, poor implementations, etc. The products are built to come in 4th place. Sales is a beating there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There isn't anything good to say. Management is out of touch and discourages innovative thinking. The company can't get out of its own way with all the bureaucracy and nepotism. If you are a thinker and doer you will fail miserably because you will challenge the status quo. Top brass is out for themselves and shows no respect or appreciation for anyone else. If I could give a no-star rating I would."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The moment we got acquired by Axway things went south - the bureaucracy skyrocketed and the official promotions/bonuses were halted for the most part. Promotions (when they happen) are kept in secret simply because they were no longer earned but negotiated on case by case basis and given to friends and families. They don't want you to know that the only two incompetent people in the team are the only ones promoted from the whole team. If you are on L1/H1 visa forget about promotion and salary increase no matter how great you are. They know you have very little options and no leverage, so they will just keep you underpaid. No salary change unless you are part of a certain clique. When you say you are leaving then they start negotiating. This has been Axway's tactic since day one. They even have a separate budget just for that. The performance reviews are joke and predetermined. Axway closed the office in Redwood City, CA with a very short notice. The people were told that this is not about money. No one bought that lie. Shortly after they acquired a company in the Silicon Valley. And then another one. Now they are closing even more offices. I am sure the management repeat the same lie over and over again. SHEER NEPOTISM! Repeat: SHEER NEPOTISM! In ALL Axway sites I worked and on all levels! Everybody knows who they are but everybody maintains a position of neutrality to keep the paychecks flowing. Senior and Principle roles are extremely inflated and have lost any value because they are given to "friends and family". Little to none career growth if you don't have connections and you are not someone's buddy/spouse. A lot of people are doing literally nothing when they are in the office let alone when they "work" from home. The vast majority of new "products" in the last several years were a complete failure. And the people responsible for this are making good career out of it. No accountability whatsoever. Axway cannot make new successful products. And they always manage to ruin the existing successful products they have acquired from other companies. Emails in french all over the place. They are constantly trying to remind you that you are working in a french company. Even emails as short as "The maintenance has completed" and sent to non-french mailing lists are translated in French. Go figure. There is maybe only one thing Axway is up-to-date with the latest trends in the corporate world of 21st century - forced diversity and affirmative action hiring. Because of this many incompetent people are getting hired and/or promoted only because there are from a certain group. Axway is all about diversity as long as it is not intellectual diversity. It is like government job. A french government job to be precise. Draw your own conclusions."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Serious lack of management and leadership. Absolutely no career growth. They promote who they want; not who's qualified."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Axway doesn't respect those who sacrifice their time and put in extraordinary effort to deliver results. They don't pay competitively, offer no equity and don't do anything to retain top talent. Work-life balance is out of whack for what they pay and there is no incentive to work here. They don't understand the job market that they are competing in. There is going to be a mass exodus soon.Talented engineers, flexible hoursCompensation, work-life balance, politics"

Senior Technical Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company seems to moving in different directions and is greatly influence by the Axway based in France. Product Management is slow to address customer concerns."

Technical Support Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"The management in the Bulgarian office is very poor. Schedules are extremely random with sometimes 4-5 12hr shifts in a row. Advancement is almost impossible unless you started there 10 years ago. There is virtually no training process and everything is self-learned."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No comment, there was no training and no leadership or direction. no flexible work dayFree sodaManagement"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company hamstrung by process and lack of innovation to support revenue growth. Lack of clear direction, with unrealistic growth ambitions, sales team lacks support of management to develop."

Enterprise Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Growth within the company is difficult. Outside hires are typically done versus growing from one position to another. Along was sales policies keep changing."

Chef de projet (Current Employee) says

"La société a bien changé et la direction que prend la direction aujourd'hui ne véhicule clairement plus les valeurs humaines, l'esprit de groupe... on est beaucoup plus dans l'individualisme à outrance,... c'est vraiment dommage car auparavant, cette société était très agréable et poussait l'esprit d'entreprendre, le partage de la réussite..."

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